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About Us...

A short history of who we are.


Kelly’s Propane came into being in 1994 when a gentleman by the name of Kelly Kyler added propane to his then livestock feed business, Kelly’s Feed & Supply. Within a short period of time, the propane side of the business grew to such an extent that the feed business was sold, and the growing propane business became his number one endeavor.

Good customer service was first on the list of things Kelly wanted to instill in his business and employees, along with a positive work attitude and a desire to give the customer a positive experience in their dealings with Kelly’s Propane.

Since his death in September 2000, his business has continued to thrive due to his work ethic and foresight in creating a strong business foundation. He started with a 1980’s era International Bobtail, and a service truck and the rest is history.

Since then, the original trucks have come and gone, and are now replaced with newer models that are more efficient and economical to operate, service trucks have bigger and better cranes, new ideas have come into play, better ways of doing things, and what once was a one-man operation has grown into a business capable of supporting a number of employees with various duties.